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A major injury can be a life-changing event that is often accompanied by substantial  emotional distress and physical pain, in addition to medical expenses, wage loss and property damage. Our Walnut Creek car accident injury attorneys understand the difficulties that a car accident injury inflicts on one’s life, and are dedicated to obtain fair compensation for victims of wrongful acts caused intentionally or negligently by others.  Even though it might sound extreme, your most valuable asset is now a court case, and the single most important decision you make is to choose the right auto accident attorney to handle your case.

Feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start?  Don't worry, we have your back!  Our top-rated auto accident injury attorneys in Walnut Creek will get you the settlement you deserve as fast as possible.

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Why You May Need to Hire A Walnut Creek Car Wreck Injury Lawyer

Unfortunately, car accidents are everyday occurrences. Most personal injury claims are a result of an accident involving a car, truck, or other motor vehicle. Many of these accidents result in minor vehicle damage in the form of a "fender bender," and can generally be handled alone through direct contact with an insurance company. However, car accidents that involve physical injury, fatality, or other significant damage warrant the legal representation of an experienced car accident lawyer.

A top-rate Walnut Creek car accident attorney will help you get the money to cover any losses incurred because of the accident, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and car repairs. A car accident lawyer in Walnut Creek, CA can help you recover when a loved one is killed, especially if reckless driving, speeding, or drunk-driving was involved.

What to Look For When Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Auto accident attorneys cover a range of issues stemming from personal injury, wrongful death, property destruction, and liability determinations. When looking for a good attorney for your car accident case, you should concentrate on their experience, skill level, commitment, location, and fee structure.

For example, your lawyer should be well versed in Walnut Creek, CA transportation laws, know how to deal with insurance and health care companies, and know how to effectively prepare and settle a case. Also, it's important that you check the attorney's background, references, and track record.

Lastly, a good car accident attorney will typically accept your case on a contingency or "no win-no fee" basis if the attorney feels your case has any merit, so it's important to check the attorney's standard fee structure.

Questions to Ask An Affordable Walnut Creek Car Wreck Attorney

Before working with a car accident injury attorney in Walnut Creek, you should have as much detailed information and facts about the car accident and any injuries or financial losses as possible. Documents you might want to show your attorney after a motor vehicle accident may include your insurance policy, information exchanged at the accident scene, and medical records, among other things. Below are some of the questions you should ask before hiring a Walnut Creek car accident lawyer:

  • What percentage of your practice is devoted to car accident cases?
  • What experience do you have with the specific type of injury in question?
  • What is a typical settlement range for cases similar to mine?
  • How much of my car accident case will you actually handle?
  • How are your fees structured?
  • What out-of-pocket expenses am I responsible for?


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